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please let me know if any clips are not working when trying to download! you can contact me through these pages to let me know.. also be sure to bookmark the backup site (link can be found below) you can also follow that by email and get email updates whenever I update the backup site as well. A follow button should appear at the bottom right corner of the backup site, just click it, and put your email in and then confirm with your email that you want to follow the website when you get the email to confirm and you’re done! Backup Site Facebook Page Facebook Group YouTube Channel

my twitter handle to let me know clips aren’t working is @illbevideoclips

enjoy the clips!

Please Right Click the Image and SAVE TARGET AS to download the files, all videos are in ZIP format.

Video Archive Links:

Classic Shelle > 2004 > January > January 2004

Video Archive Links:

Teen Scene > 2004 > December > January 2004

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