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I’m not sure if it works or not I guess I’ll find out for myself if I get a email stating the sites been updated by me posting this.. I went to my account for the subscribe feature and it’s now showing how many people have subscribed to it so here’s to hoping that it works! Currently all of Modern Shelle 2015 is COMPLETE since it’s a new year the rest of the videos will be posted under NuShelle’s pages for the video section since Brandon Beemer is coming back on I believe January 16th, 2016 of this month.. I’m currently working on June 2001’s.. those will be posted up soon on here in it’s full entirety.. which basically means that I will be posting EVERYTHING including all of the Teen Scene stuff along with Brady’s episodes.. I’m approaching to where LBD 2001 aired so it’s taking a bit more time to edit those clips together cause they are extremely long at times and plus I had to put some of my original recorded stuff on to DVD cause the ones I already have on DVD were missing some scenes so I had to put my originals on DVD in order to get those scenes.. I’m HOPING to have some (if not all) uploaded tomorrow.. it takes a while to code everything in order for them to show up on the website.. but within the next few days for sure look for new updates on here for videos.. and after that I’m going to solely focused on adding all the rest of the Teen Scene/Brady stuff to the website from May 2001 and older months so it may take a bit to start up July 2001’s.. I’ll be doing a lot of coding to be able to add the other stuff to the website so that way everything is all posted up and ready for you guys to download.. so just be patient..

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