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Hello everybody. I’ve went through 1999 to halfway through 2002 (mostly of the Teen Scene portion of the website) and I corrected some broken links or misspelled stuff, so all of those are fixed. I will most likely go through the rest another day, but in the mean time if you do see a broken link please either tweet me at @illbevideoclips or email me at and tell me the name of it (meaning if it’s shelle, mimi, jan, broe, phloe, teen scene, brady, ect.) along with the month and date of it. I also wanted to make a small announcement that I made a back-up site in case this site ever goes down for framework maintenance that my webhost sometimes does. The link to that is here. so bookmark it or follow it (a tiny little follow button should pop-up at the bottom right corner of your screen and you can put your email in to get email updates for when I do post things there) I will be adding zip collections to that blog for all you guys to download, but that will happen later on. I’ll let you know when. I’m going to start a break before I go into the 2004 stuff maybe 2-3 weeks depending on how busy I am (I have to take my mom to PT a lot and I’m going to PT as well) so lot’s of doctors appointments there alone. I’m currently putting the 2003 stuff to my laptop so they’ll be on my laptop and ready to do whenever I get the time to start up 2004’s.

Will update you guys again soon when I plan on working on the site again. For now enjoy all the new stuff that was just added!



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