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please let me know if any clips are not working when trying to download! you can contact me through these pages to let me know.. also be sure to bookmark the backup site (link can be found below) you can also follow that by email and get email updates whenever I update the backup site as well. A follow button should appear at the bottom right corner of the backup site, just click it, and put your email in and then confirm with your email that you want to follow the website when you get the email to confirm and you’re done! Backup Site Facebook Page Facebook Group YouTube Channel

my twitter handle to let me know clips aren’t working is @illbevideoclips

enjoy the clips!

Please Right Click the Image and SAVE TARGET AS to download the files, all videos are in ZIP format.

Video Archive Links:

Classic Shelle > 2004 > February > February 2004

Video Archive Links:

Teen Scene > 2004 > February > February 2004

I’ve fixed all the broken links in the Teen Scene portion of the website.. If I missed any please let me know which one by telling me the name date and year of the broken link. I’ve gone through a lot of Shelle portion of the site to catch any broke links and those seem to all be working correctly, but again if you catch a broke one please report it to me by tweeting me at @illbevideoclips or emailing me at or you can contact me through the facebook page or group at: or enjoy all the new stuff! Will be adding more soon!



Hello everybody. I’ve went through 1999 to halfway through 2002 (mostly of the Teen Scene portion of the website) and I corrected some broken links or misspelled stuff, so all of those are fixed. I will most likely go through the rest another day, but in the mean time if you do see a broken link please either tweet me at @illbevideoclips or email me at and tell me the name of it (meaning if it’s shelle, mimi, jan, broe, phloe, teen scene, brady, ect.) along with the month and date of it. I also wanted to make a small announcement that I made a back-up site in case this site ever goes down for framework maintenance that my webhost sometimes does. The link to that is here. so bookmark it or follow it (a tiny little follow button should pop-up at the bottom right corner of your screen and you can put your email in to get email updates for when I do post things there) I will be adding zip collections to that blog for all you guys to download, but that will happen later on. I’ll let you know when. I’m going to start a break before I go into the 2004 stuff maybe 2-3 weeks depending on how busy I am (I have to take my mom to PT a lot and I’m going to PT as well) so lot’s of doctors appointments there alone. I’m currently putting the 2003 stuff to my laptop so they’ll be on my laptop and ready to do whenever I get the time to start up 2004’s.

Will update you guys again soon when I plan on working on the site again. For now enjoy all the new stuff that was just added!



I have no idea what’s going on with the website.. it’s not updating when i add the new shawn stuff to the website i contacted my webhost and they say nothing’s going happening on their end so my and Drea are trying to figure out what’s going on with why it’s not updating posts or allowing me to update the widgets on the sidebar.. please bare with me.. the clips are up on the site i just can’t get them to appear at the moment

Hey Everybody! Last couple of days i’ve been pretty busy… my DVR shorted out on me so i worked on the photo gallery a bit this week (along with my helper kat) so be sure to check out the gallery. New photos are being added everyday! Also I will be working on this weeks clips tomorrow sometime and I’ll start on October 2001’s stuff probably next weekend (hopefully) anyways end of small update! be sure to check back for more updates!

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Days of Our Lives > Episode Stills > Brandon Beemer & Martha Madison > 2016 Stills > 2016 Episode Stills

Alright as many of you may know by now the YouTube page is kaput, no more. YouTube terminated it cause of videos on there.. *sigh* it was a good 11ish years I guess.. I had close to 2,000 Subscribers on that page but oh well I guess.. time to start over I guess.. You can follow the following page/group on facebook for any additional updates that I don’t post on here, and I’ve also made a new YouTube channel which you can find the link below as well.. the only public videos that will be posted up on there will be old promos.. as of right now I’m in the middle of editing together August 2001 and I’m hoping to start putting those up on here for download starting next week sometime.. so be on the look out for new stuff and I hope to see all of you on my facebook pages! Facebook Page Facebook Group YouTube Channel

I’m not sure if it works or not I guess I’ll find out for myself if I get a email stating the sites been updated by me posting this.. I went to my account for the subscribe feature and it’s now showing how many people have subscribed to it so here’s to hoping that it works! Currently all of Modern Shelle 2015 is COMPLETE since it’s a new year the rest of the videos will be posted under NuShelle’s pages for the video section since Brandon Beemer is coming back on I believe January 16th, 2016 of this month.. I’m currently working on June 2001’s.. those will be posted up soon on here in it’s full entirety.. which basically means that I will be posting EVERYTHING including all of the Teen Scene stuff along with Brady’s episodes.. I’m approaching to where LBD 2001 aired so it’s taking a bit more time to edit those clips together cause they are extremely long at times and plus I had to put some of my original recorded stuff on to DVD cause the ones I already have on DVD were missing some scenes so I had to put my originals on DVD in order to get those scenes.. I’m HOPING to have some (if not all) uploaded tomorrow.. it takes a while to code everything in order for them to show up on the website.. but within the next few days for sure look for new updates on here for videos.. and after that I’m going to solely focused on adding all the rest of the Teen Scene/Brady stuff to the website from May 2001 and older months so it may take a bit to start up July 2001’s.. I’ll be doing a lot of coding to be able to add the other stuff to the website so that way everything is all posted up and ready for you guys to download.. so just be patient..